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it's time for a vulnerability scan

GAin actionable insight into your network vulnerabilities—before hackers do

Visibility is key to identifying gaps in your cybersecurity architecture. One of the first steps in understanding your exposure is performing a vulnerability scan. Mindsight cybersecurity experts will perform a scan of your network to identify vulnerabilities in your servers, network devices, firewalls, virtual machines, applications, and anything connected to the network, known or unknown. Vulnerabilities are ranked based on severity levels and an executive summary prepared that includes detailed scan data and remediation guidelines. Mindsight experts review the results and recommended courses of action with company stakeholders so steps can be immediately taken to improve your security posture. 

It's simple

Mindsight's vulnerability scans have three phases: network discovery, vulnerability scanning, and manual checks. The first two phases require the use of scanning tools that generate detailed technical results. Mindsight distills all the details of the scan and delivers a summary with general remediation guidelines that may include:   

  • Patching
  • Alerting and Reporting
  • Managed Security 
  • Security Framework Adoption
  • Penetration Testing
  • vCISO Services

Get your comprehensive report:

Scan report-1

With Mindsight's vulnerability scan, your organization will receive a complete report on it's weak-points. There's no guessing—just solid conclusions with actionable outcomes outlined by our industry-leading expertise.

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