Umbrella: Prepare for the storm With Mindsight

Are You Ready For The storm?

Malware, ransomware, phishing scams, and new cyber attacks threaten your network every day. Mindsight's team offers Umbrella, which gives you greater visibility into and out of your network. Use Umbrella's simple deployment to immediately stop attacks before they damage your network. Umbrella protects your users where they are - in the cloud.

Umbrella offers you better coverage, better protection, and better performance.

  • Contain Threats Quickly: Stops command-and-control attacks through port or protocols; catches threats before they do damage.

  • Mitigate remediation costs: Threats stopped earlier so security teams respond to fewer infections.

  • Identify Cloud Apps Easily: Provides visibility into sanctioned - and unsanctioned - cloud services.

  • Increase Visibility: See everything, everywhere, both on-premise and off-network.

  • Reduce Breach Damage: Fewer breaches means fewer resources spent containing them.

  • Simple Deployment: Integrates easily with current security stack and is deployed from the cloud: no hardware installs or software updates.

  • Non-intrusive to End Users: Provides visibility to you, not the end-user.

How to Get Started

1) Complete the form to speak with a Mindsight consultant.

2) Work with a Mindsight security engineer to either perform a demonstration or configure a proof-of-concept test (avg. time 2 hours).

3) Umbrella P.O.C. runs for 14 days.

4) Mindsight will support you throughout your demo or P.O.C. to optimize Umbrella for your environment. Together, we will analyze results, discuss capabilities, and protect your users. 


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