Security in the Cloud: Protecting Your Environment Beyond the Edge

Protect the Cloud with the Cloud

Security in the Cloud LP Image.pngThe cloud is a huge change in data center strategy, and more and more companies are taking advantage of it. Unfortunately, they're still using the same security strategies as before. An on-prem approach to data security is ill-equipped to address the security needs of the cloud and, worse yet, actually undermines the reasons you went to the cloud in the first place.

To properly protect the cloud, you need a solution built for the cloud. Security as a Service can help your business protect its technology assets and make the most of its cloud deployment.


  • How the Cloud Has Changed the Security Dynamics
  • What an On-prem Security Strategy Must Do to Protect the Cloud
  • How Security as a Service Overcomes these Challenges
  • Balancing Risk, Cost, and Speed in Your Security strategy

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