Cloud Insights Report & mini Assessment

Where are you on your cloud journey?

Whether you’re beginning the journey to the cloud or already there, having visibility into your workloads, VMs, servers, storage, and applications can help you optimize your computational power to grow your business. With Mindsight’s complimentary Mini Cloud Assessment, our cloud design and deployment experts will compile a report that analyzes your on-premise, hybrid, and cloud infrastructure.

Our experts will join you on site and spend two hours diving into your infrastructure – identifying what you have, where, and why – and hand-deliver your Cloud Insights Report. The report will include five next steps you can take to maximize your on-premise and cloud infrastructure.


A Cloud Insights Report that includes priority recommendations and an overview of your current environment. The report includes the five next steps you can take to maximize your on-premise and cloud infrastructure for the world of tomorrow.

Potential Report Insights:

1. High-level assessment of whether the cloud is right for your organization.
2. Recommendations for which cloud provider best meets your strategic needs.
3. Application/server migration documentation overview.

Why Mindsight:

Our cloud-certified engineers have been at the forefront of cloud technologies since before we had a word for them. Together, our experts have over 50 years of experience performing over 400 cloud migrations. They know the ins and outs of designing, implementing and managing cloud platforms focused on optimization, security, and performance. Mindsight’s team includes experts certified in both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and holds Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity, Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform, and AWS certifications.