Sunsetting Your Legacy Cisco Voice Solution

Is your organization’s Cisco phone system nearing end-of-life? If yes, what’s next? Do you upgrade your peripherals and continue on-prem, or do you make the move to the cloud? Both have their pros and cons, but you likely have many questions that need answers before you decide.

Join us on Tuesday, July 26th at 11:00 AM to find out. With more than 20 years in the industry, John Irey, Mindsight’s VP of Consulting Services, will help answer some of those questions at our event. Topics John will cover include:

  • Your equipment and software, their end-of-life, and what’s next
  • Extending the life of your existing system or upgrading
  • Pros and cons of cloud vs. on-prem
  • A cost benefit analysis choosing the right UCaaS provider

Attendees of this webinar can schedule a complimentary meeting with John where he will help you figure out where your organization's phone system is at in its lifespan.

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2022 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM CT
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Cisco Webex Webinar

The Presenters

John Irey
VP of Consulting Services
With nearly 20 years of experience in information technology, John has helped businesses of every size optimize the technology powering their unified communications systems. He seeks to provide a consultative voice to IT leaders and continues to focus on emerging technologies.
Tad Gralewski
Tad is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and has been in the IT industry for over three decades. At Mindsight, Tad focuses on both delivering Mindsight’s services to our customers and working with them to help develop strategies, roadmaps, and solutions to solve their issues. To Tad, “We don’t sell things – we solve problems”. A self-proclaimed “outdoors person," Tad enjoys camping, hiking, and riding motorcycles in his spare time.