Mindsight's 7th annual Roadmap Conference

Peek over the Horizon of Technology Solutions and Strategies for 2018

Join Chicago-based technology consulting firm, Mindsight, for our 7th Annual Roadmap Conference in Rosemont, Illinois. You and your team are invited to a full day of seminars designed to help you chart your IT environment’s future. This conference will help you save time budgeting and planning for 2018 and beyond. The Annual Roadmap Conference is your definitive guide to proven, pointed technologies that will elevate your environment and meet your business objectives.

Our consultants work in dozens of IT environments a year—this seminar is our chance to demonstrate what works, what doesn’t, and what’s coming down the pipeline that will change everything. The breakout sessions include: Disaster Recovery, Security as a Service, Collaboration, IWAN and SDWAN, Pure Storage, Cisco's Intuitive Network, and VMware.

Session Descriptions

The Disaster Recovery Balancing act

Creating a disaster recovery plan is an intricate process completed in three main steps: planning, implementing, and testing. Within that framework are a thousand questions to balance risk, cost, and priority. Join Mindsight’s VP of Consulting Services and CTO, Jason Wankovsky, for a presentation unveiling exactly what this balancing act really entails. He’ll discuss how every disaster recovery plan is different for every company and how the unique factors of your business can and will impact your response to a disaster when it strikes.

Leading Ways to Stop Ransomware

The data security battle took a turn this year. Almost overnight, the ransomware virus, WannaCry, infected over 200,000 computers by exploiting one little hole in the network. That’s all it takes to lose control over your environment. In preparing for these attacks, knowledge is half the battle. Knowing when, how, and where an attack has struck is crucial information when remediating the threat and preventing more in the future.

Hosted by Mindsight’s VP of Consulting Services and CTO, Jason Wankovsky, this valuable seminar will make the case for Security as a Service and detail how this security approach can reduce risk and protect against attacks like WannaCry.

How to Get Rid of Email: Innovate Your Team Collaboration

Collaboration has been at a state of constant change since the advent of the smartphone. One after the other, new collaboration solutions have hit the market and improved the ways in which we communicate. The goals are efficiency, clarity, and productivity, and the technology has never been more powerful. Join Mindsight’s Collaboration Practice Manager, Igor Nayshtut, as he articulates the evolution of collaboration tech and describes how collaboration today can replace email entirely. Additionally, we’ll even demo the new Spark Board to conclude the session.

Get Smart with your wan

Networking technology has a bandwidth problem. The amount of data the average professional views and uses on a daily basis continues to swell, and rather than expanding network fabrics to keep up, Intelligent WAN (WAN) and Software-Defined WAN (SDWAN) make the most of the network resources you already have by directing data traffic more effectively. Mindsight Solution Architect, Eric White, will illustrate how this approach to the network can reduce costs. From there, he’ll present a few use cases on when this technology can best be utilized.

reaching the flash point: Pure Storage and ssds

Mindsight and Pure Storage are teaming up to provide an informative look at flash storage at this year’s Roadmap Conference. Flash storage has long been on the verge of overtaking legacy disk storage solutions, and the transition has already begun. Join Mindsight Solution Architect, Chris Pereira, and Pure Storage for a co-hosted overview of Pure Storage. They’ll cover unique features and differentiators, the evolution of flash storage, Pure’s Evergreen Storage Support Model, and provide a demo of the management interface.

Cisco unveils The Network. Intuitive

In June 2017, Cisco made a huge announcement to the technology community and the world. Cisco unveiled that they have developed networking tools that can detect malware or malicious files in encrypted network traffic without decrypting the data packets. Furthermore, it was able to do so with 99.999% accuracy. It’s called the Network. Intuitive, and you cannot overstate how important a breakthrough this is. Cisco is calling it their biggest innovation in the past decade. Join Cisco for an informative session to showcase this new generation of networking technology.

upclose and virtual: looking at VMware in 2018

VMware has taken some major strides this year. If you missed VMWorld in August or are looking for more information on the VMware product suite, Mindsight’s Solutions Architect, Chris Pereira, will be covering all things VMware at our Annual Roadmap Conference. He’ll give a streamlined product update across their entire line and then deep dive into the new features of the Operations Manager in VRealize Suite.

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