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DUO for Multifactor Authentication - Free for 90 Days
Proactively reduce the risk of data breaches. DUO enhances remote access security by allowing you to verify users’ identities and establish device trust before granting access to your applications. By employing a zero-trust model, it decreases the attack surface and reduces risk. 

Umbrella Internet Threat Protection - Free for 90 Days 
Protect your organization from threats like ransomware. Umbrella protects remote users from malicious internet destinations whether they are on VPN or off the organization’s network. A cloud-native platform, Umbrella unifies firewall, secure web gateway, DNS-layer security, cloud access security broker (CASB), and threat intelligence solutions into a single platform.  

Webex for Schools and Higher Education – Free for 90 Days
Schools can use Webex for virtual learning, online meetings, office hours, classes, study groups, and review sessions. 

Mindsight is committed to helping our education clients in every way possible during this unprecedented time. Given recent developments to close physical classrooms, many of you have reached out about deploying secure, virtual classroom solutions so learning does not have to stop.

Free Webex for Schools and Higher Education Institutions

Schools can use Webex for virtual learning, online meetings, office hours, classes, study groups, and review sessions. Webex allows schools to meet online in real time with parents, staff, and students.  Interactive features include real time testing and grading, instant feedback, assessment tracking, break-out sessions, and hands on labs to deliver a variety of dynamic e-learning opportunities.



What kind of access does our institution receive?
All faculty and students will receive access to the entire WebEx suite including meetings, training, events, and WebEx Teams. All licenses have a capacity of 1,000 and have unlimited usage including VOIP and Toll dial-in for 90 days.

Will WebEx integrate with our Learning Management System (LMS)?
If your institution utilizes Moodle, Saka, Canvas, D2L, or Blackboard, you can integrate Webex into your LMS.

What devices can students use to connect to WebEx?
Any LMS integrated device such as tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and more.

What's the process like for students?
Students simply download the app and then login with their school email address and password. Faculty will schedule classes and invite students who will automatically receive instructions on how to join. Students will receive alerts when classes start and can join via the desktop app, web browser, or mobile app.