call center strategy 102

How to synergize your customer Service and marketing strategies on social media

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Social media management is complex. The contact center handles customer engagement, and the marketing department creates promotions to drive traffic. Each department has their place, and never the two shall meet. There’s a wasted opportunity here. By coordinating, collaborating, and combining your efforts, the marketing department and the contact center can accomplish what neither can do alone.

In this ebook, we provide the concepts and insight necessary to competently manage the customer service side of social media while also discussing ways to leverage the skills of the marketing department. Combined, your organization can utilize the full power of a comprehensive social media strategy.

This EBook Will Cover

  • Customer engagement best practices for top social media channels
  • Overview of marketing’s role on social media by channel
  • Ways for the contact center and marketing to combine their efforts
  • Pitfalls and considerations for top social media platforms

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