Mindsight's 7th annual Roadmap Conference

Peek Over the Horizon of Contact Center Strategy and Technology for 2018

Is your contact center ready? Join Mindsight for a full day of seminars at our 7th Annual Roadmap Conference in Rosemont, Illinois. We’ve designed the event to give contact center professionals a peek over the horizon at what customer experience challenges and opportunities await in the coming year.

Our consultants work with dozens of contact centers every year, and we bring that experience to you. The Annual Roadmap Conference is your chance to see what works, what doesn’t, and what’s coming down the pipe that will change everything.

Breakout Sessions

Customer Journeys from every angle

This research-inspired session explores the customer journey from both sides. We may traditionally consider only the customer’s point of view, but how the corporation responds to that journey is just as relevant. From there, our Mindsight Contact Center Consultants will also lead a candid discussion about the current industry challenges and opportunities within the context of these results. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their own experiences and best practices, while also learning from others. Join us for research results, personal experiences, and a lively discussion on the best path forward in the contact center.

ALL Omnichannel, ALL THE TIME: CHANGING THE Customer experience game

Omnichannel customer journeys require more than just the capability of interacting across channels. Truly useful and usable experiences require intentional design from your customer’s perspective. The Mindsight Contact Center Consultants will present and demonstrate the specific User Experience (UX) Design techniques essential to a positive customer experience online. In an omnichannel strategy, you must prepare for your customers to come to you from anywhere and at any time. Once they do, the right UX techniques will ensure the process is clear, efficient, and enjoyable for both parties.

Through these SESSIONS you will:

  • Prepare for the Age of the Customer: Learn how to navigate the new rules in an age of review sites, competitor research, and social media.

  • Meet Other Professionals in Your Field: Share and learn from others who understand the challenges of managing a contact center environment.

  • Leave with Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Customer Experience: Next time the contact/call center throws you a curve ball, you’ll be ready.



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This event is expired. Thank you to all who attended.


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